TUrbo Snort                                                 
worlds' first caffeinated nasal spray...

Turbo Snort was created by Wayne Perry, inventor of Sinus Buster - the worlds' first (capsaicin) pepper nasal spray that's sold in retailers everywhere.

While energy drinks have to deliver super high doses of active ingredients to work, our nasal spray does not have to pass through the body and so the smallest doses actually give you a much better effect than overly potent drinks and shots. Turbo Snort features proven energy and alertness ingredients such as Guarana, Kola Nut and Green Tea.

Turbo Snort delivers (1 mg of caffeine) per metered spray. In addition, Turbo Snort also contains a proprietary formulation of our special Amino Acid Complex (Creatine, Glutamin and Taurine - 0.96 mg per metered spray). The tiny dosage provides BIG results when delivered through the nose. Because the doses are so small, there are no bad side effects like you get with most energy products and it's safe for anyone who can drink a cup of coffee. There are approximately 223 metered sprays per bottle - amounting to over 400 HOURS of energy!

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